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Zorlu Grand Hotel

Zorlu Grand Hotel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zorlu Holding, a major Turkish corporate group ity whose roots reach back to 1953 and production and trade activities supported by a few looms in the town of Babadağ in Denizli province in southwest Turkey and is today active in sectors ranging from electronics and white goods (Vestel) and textiles (Korteks, TAÇ, Linens) to energy (Zorlu Energy) and real estate (Zorlu Property Group).

It was in Trabzon that Ahmet Nazif Zorlu and Zeki Zorlu got their real start in business and it was because of their fondness for the town that they decided to invest here. Spotting the need for a genuinely world-class 5-star hotel in the city in the 1990s, they decided to build one. The project soon got underway and the result was Zorlu Grand Hotel, which opened its doors in 1997.

Zorlu Grand Hotel is the first 5-star hotel located along the Turkish Black Sea riviera. Aware of the responsibilities which this entails, we remain steadfastly bound by our commitment never to allow any lapse in quality or service. Hospitality is both the watchword and an ingrained way of life at our hotel. Ever since its inception, Zorlu Grand Hotel has been playing host to the most prestigious congresses, seminars, company meetings, and similar gatherings taking place not just in Trabzon but throughout the Turkish Black Sea region. The hotel will continue to do so in the future as well.

Zorlu Holding

Zorlu Holding’s production, export, and employment numbers and its ability to compete in international markets give it a position of special importance in the Turkish economy. The foundations of this success story were laid in the 1950s in the little town of Babadağ in southwestern Turkey.

By the 2000s Zorlu Holding had successfully joined the ranks of Turkey’s biggest corporate groups thanks to its wide-ranging involvement in activities from textiles to real estate and from electronics to energy.

By 2006, Zorlu Holding was active in four principal business lines: Home textiles and polyester yarns, Electronic goods, information technologies, and durable consumer goods, Real estate, Energy production
Until the 1980s, Zorlu Holding pursued growth in the business of home textiles. As the Zorlu Holding Textiles Group, it created the TAÇ brand, which established itself as the leading name in home textiles in Turkey. In 1994, Vestel Electronics was added to the Zorlu Group. Two years later in 1996 Zorlu Holding increased the number of companies in its portfolio by expanding into the energy sector. A decade on, Zorlu Holding entered the real estate business in 2006.

With 52 companies and about 30,000 employees today, Zorlu Holding continues to work for the future and to improve the quality of life of people everywhere.
  • Electronics, Information Technologies and Durable Consumer Goods

    Consisting of 26 companies–12 of them headquartered outside Turkey–which are active in the areas of electronics, white goods, and information technologies, the Vestel Companies Group is the flagship of the Zorlu Group. One of its sector’s strongest players in the sector in both the Turkish and international markets and also one of its biggest manufacturers, Vestel makes and sells a wide range of consumer electronics, white goods, information technology, and digital products.

    Vestel’s production facilities are located in Manisa in Turkey and in Alexandrov in Russia. With 1,000,000 m² of grounds, Manisa-based Vestel City is the biggest single self-contained industrial complex in Europe. Turkey’s export champion in the electronics industry for the last fifteen years, Vestel consistently ranks among Turkey’s top three exporters.

  • Home Textiles & Polyester Yarns

    The members of the Zorlu Textiles Group are active in the production and marketing of yarns, curtains, and home textile products (bed sheets, comforter sets, bedspreads, tablecloths, and piqués). Korteks Mensucat Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ İplik Fabrikası (Korteks Yarns), the biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in Europe and the Middle East, was originally established in Bursa in 1989 to supply the superior-quality polyester yarns needed by Turkey’s burgeoning textile industry.

    In addition to the yarns that it has specially developed for its DRY TOUCH® moisture-management fabrics, Korteks Yarns’ product line encompasses a diversified range of goods such as TAÇ FLAME RETARDANT, TAÇ COTTONLIKE, TAÇ ANTIMICROBIAL, TAÇ MICROMUSS, TAÇ ANTISTATIC, and TAÇ UV RESISTANT which meet sectoral needs for yarns and fabrics with specialized technical functions and features.

    Zorlu Textile is a leading maker of home textiles with its own manufacturing facilities, marketing company, and a portfolio of world-famous brands. One of the world’s top three manufacturers of comforter sets as well as Europe’s biggest, Zorlu Textile is also the European leader of integrated curtain manufacturing.

    The Zorlu Textiles Group is the leader of the Turkish home textiles sector with its TAÇ-branded curtains and comforters. Through Linens, Turkey’s first international chain of home textile stores, the group has introduced an innovative and pioneering approach to home textile retailing.

    The Zorlu Textiles Group also holds worldwide production, distribution, and marketing rights of home textile products bearing the French Pierre Cardin label. Valeron, the label created by the Zorlu Textiles Group itself and originally launched in the European market, continues to appeal to customers in Turkey as well.

    The Zorlu Group’s activities in textiles have been expanding with tremendous momentum over the years. Having transcended the boundaries of their home market, they have spread to four continents. Employing about 6,000 people in a total of 800,000 m² of enclosed production space, the Zorlu Textiles Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home textiles.

  • Energy

    The Zorlu Energy Group provides a wide range of energy-related services such as electricity generation, sale, and trade; natural gas trade and distribution; and turnkey-delivery power plant project development, construction, and long-term maintenance and management. With a portfolio consisting of five natural gas power plants, seven hydroelectric power plants, one geothermal power plant, and one wind farm, the Zorlu Energy Group’s total installed capacity in Turkey amounts to 771 MW. In addition to trading in natural gas, the group also distributes natural gas in Turkey’s Trakya and Gaziantep regions.

    The Zorlu Energy Group is undertaking geothermal power plant investments in the Denizli-Kızıldere, Kütahya-Simav, and Manisa-Alaşehir thermal zones in Turkey’s Aegean region. Besides holding the operating rights to the 15 MW Denizli Kızıldere power plant under a 30-year contract, the group also laid the foundations of Turkey’s biggest geothermal power plant here in March 2012. In the area of wind power, the Zorlu Energy Group holds the licenses to the Gökçedağ wind farm (installed capacity: 135 MW), which commenced production in 2010, as well as to two others (Osmaniye-Sarıtepe: 50 MW and Demirciler: 60 MW), where pre-investment activities are underway. Pre-investment work is also in progress on two hydroelectric power plant projects: Dalaman-Sami Soydam (124 MW) and Tirebolu-Harşit (60 MW). The Zorlu Energy Companies Group is also looking to make itself a regional force by taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves in rapidly growing energy markets outside Turkey in Asia and the Middle East. Projects that are now under way in Pakistan and Israel represent important steps being taken in this direction.

  • Real Estate

    The Zorlu Property Group was set up in 2006 to develop real estate projects at prime locations in Turkey and in other countries. The group is currently working on the construction of two major projects: Zorlu Center and Zorlu Levent, the latter of which is an A+ office tower.

    Turkey’s first five-function mixed-use project, Zorlu Center consists of a performing arts center, a hotel, offices, a shopping mall, and residences. Being built at a total investment cost of USD 2.5 billion, Zorlu Center is on schedule to open with full functionality in the third quarter of 2013.

    The Zorlu Center’s 3,070 seating capacity performing arts center will be under the management of Nederlander Organization. Informed by its concept of serving as İstanbul’s premier center of gourmet living and fashion, the Zorlu Center’s shopping mall will house internationally renowned shops and restaurants which are fully integrated into the center’s green spaces and other functions.

    Designed for elegant family living, the Zorlu Center’s residences offer stunning views of İstanbul’s Princes’ Islands, Bosphorus Bridge, and historical peninsula.

    Zorlu Property Group’s choice of operator for the Zorlu Center’s hotel is Raffles, the world’s most sophisticated “premium luxury” hotel brand. Located at Zorlu Center, Raffles İstanbul will have a diversified array of 184 accommodation options consisting of 136 standard rooms, 47 suites, and one presidential suite.

    Garlanded with greenspaces and overlooking the Bosphorus, Zorlu Center is certain to become a premier international center of attraction in İstanbul.